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“A fascinating autobiographical account, full of intriguing detail, of the passions and inspirations that underlie the scientific quest to comprehend the nature and origins of our universe...A highly thoughtful and informative book.”

Sir Roger Penrose Winner of the Nobel Prize Emeritus Rouse Ball Professor of Mathematics, University of Oxford and author of The Emperor’s New Mind

“A riveting account of the rise and fall of the seeming confirmation of the cosmological theory of inflation... Keating offers vivid profiles of the personalities involved in shaping our modern view of the universe.”

- Science

“Visionary Brian Keating takes us along on a refreshing and honest journey to see how great discoveries are made and unmade. This is one of the greatest stories told in cosmology. I couldn’t put it down!”

Stephon Alexander Professor of Physics, Brown University, jazz musician, and author of The Jazz of Physics

“[Keating] is a deft writer, interweaving the science with personal musings.”

- Nature

“A compelling personal memoir, a fascinating history of cosmology, and an interesting firsthand account of a dramatic scientific adventure.”

- Physics Today

“In this riveting personal account, Brian Keating writes frankly of his challenges, frustrations, and motivations during the years spent building and operating the instruments used to tackle one of the most fundamental problems in science: how our universe began.”

Martin J. Rees Astronomer Royal and author of Universe

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