Monthly Archives: June 2016

Commencement address tonight!

I am really excited to give commencement speech to brilliant grads tonight at the San Diego Air & Space Museum. The graduating students are all so impressive, having won many different kinds of scholarships for their academic and athletic achievements, as well as for their commitment to community service. All of them are going to excellent schools and I hope to inspire them to grow in college, and especially to continue serving the community and the world. I have no doubt they will.

My talk is called: “Reach for the Heavens, but Expect Headwinds!”. It draws upon my (many) setbacks in numerous arenas, from aviation to Antarctica! Hopefully they will be inspired… but if not, I’m sure their teachers in college will correct any misapprehensions about Professors being boring!Reach for the Heavens… but Expect Headwinds!