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Reading and Listening Lists



Great Popular Cosmology Books

I’ve read all these books and they have all influenced my thinking on cosmology, physics in general, and even religion and theology. So, in no particular order, I give you my reading list:

I’m also really into podcasts.

A podcast I’m helping to run through UC San Diego’s Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination is called “Into the Impossible”. Find it here.

A fun podcast that reviews science books, including several of the ones above, is called “The Book Lab Podcast”. Find it here.



Can’t wait to see my Osher Students this week!


It’s back to school week for all you Osher Lifelong Learning Institute students and I can’t wait to see you. Please have new shoes and backpacks as necessary!

The La Jolla Light did a nice writeup about Osher and I’m proud they mentioned me.

In all seriousness, for Wednesday’s first class please sign up for a Twitter account if you don’t have one….

I’ll be using Twitter — my account/handle is @DrBrianKeating — to share links and blog posts as well as to poll you, in a good way.

See you soon!