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“What is fascinating to me is that we are now hoping, with modern measurements, to probe the early Universe. In doing so, we’re encountering deep questions about the scientific method and questions about what is fundamental to physics.”

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“If there’s a true fundamental quantum of time, it would be called the Planck time. The Planck time is maybe two orders of magnitude shorter in duration than this epoch is. What’s incredibly exciting about this is that if it’s true that inflation happened, and it has these properties that many of my theoretical friends and colleagues suspect it does, then we’re not only looking at the Big Bang, we’re looking at the quantization of gravity. Gravity itself would be quantized. That’s a goal that has eluded mathematicians and physicists, Einstein included, for the better part of the last 100 years. Gravity is the only force that persistently resists the quantization of it into fundamental particles—quanta—of energy, namely, short wavelength gravitational waves, or what are called gravitons. Not only would we be doing quantum cosmology, we’d be doing experimental quantum cosmology. This idea intoxicated me. Could we really probe this first epoch?”


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