Brian Keating

Think Like a Nobel Prize Winner

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How can you unlock creativity and imagination to inspire, teach and lead? What mental models do the world’s most accomplished scientists use to supercharge their creativity, and strengthen their most precious collaborations?

In this mesmerizing collection of interviews with some of the world’s brightest minds, you’ll discover that achieving greatness doesn’t require genius. Instead, dedication to a simple set of principles—habits and tools — can boost your creativity, stoke your imagination, and unlock your full potential for out-of-this-universe success.

Through their own words you will discover why Nobel Prize winning scientists credit the often overlooked “soft skills” such as communication, motivation, and introspection as keys to their success. You’ll see why they turn to curiosity, beauty, serendipity, and joy when they need to turn fresh eyes on some of the universe’s most vexing problems…and how you can too no matter what you do!

Within the pages of Into the Impossible: Think Like a Nobel Prize Winner, the wisdom of nine Nobel Laureates has been distilled and compressed into concentrated, actionable data you can use. While each mind is unique, they are united in their emphasis that no one wins alone—and that science, and success itself, belongs to us all.

Lessons from Laureates to Stoke Curiosity, Spur Collaboration, and Ignite Imagination in Your Life and Career

Adam Riess

Adam Riess: The Star Gazer

Nobel Prize in Physics 2011

Rainer Weiss

Rainer Weiss: The Tinkerer

Nobel Prize in Physics 2017
Sheldon Glashow

Sheldon Glashow: The Nucleator

Nobel Prize in Physics 1979
Carl Wieman

Carl Wieman: The Teacher's Teacher

Nobel Prize in Physics 2001
Roger Penrose

Roger Penrose: The Singular Mind

Nobel Prize in Physics 2020

Duncan Haldane

Duncan Haldane: The Alchemist

Nobel Prize in Physics 2016

Frank Wilczek

Frank Wilczek: A Beautiful Mind

Nobel Prize in Physics 2004

John Mather

John Mather: The Collaborator

Nobel Prize in Physics 2006

Barry Barish

Barry Barish: The Avuncular Avatar

Nobel Prize in Physics 2016