Brian Keating


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Brian Keating is the Chancellor’s Distinguished Professor of physics at the Center for Astrophysics & Space Sciences (CASS) in the Department of Physics at the University of California, San Diego. He is a public speaker, inventor, and an expert in the study of the universe’s oldest light, the cosmic microwave background (CMB), using it to learn about the origin and evolution of the universe. Keating is a writer and podcaster and the best-selling author of one of Amazon Editors’ ‘Best Non-fiction Books of All Time”, Losing the Nobel Prize.

Imagine if you could attend a ‘university’ staffed by the brightest minds in the world, take classes in your pajamas, and graduate debt-free (because there is no tuition!).

Are you sick of science popularizers who wax poetically about wormholes and breathlessly rhapsodize about the ‘Mind of God’? Me too!

It’s frustrating when scientists play it safe in their books and talks, refusing to respect their audiences… or worse, disrespecting their audience by ‘dumbing down’ their content. After nearly two decades as a professor — and many more before that as a student — I’d had enough. I decided to do something about it.

Unlike your college professors, I don’t grade on a curve because there is no curve! I’ll be your tour guide as we explore the most mesmerizing concepts in all of science via first-person interviews with the magnificent minds behind them!

Unlike other interview channels, I pride myself on conversations that involve YOU — yes, you will come alongside me.

Together, we will experience moments most of us never thought we’d get to hear, let alone participate in. These are the conversations you’ll replay in your mind for years to come and hopefully share with your friends as well.

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