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Black Hole

Professor Brian Keating – 02 Nov

This week, we explore the amazing and otherworldly idea we now “understand, black holes, general relativity, and the origin of the universe.”

Prof. Brian Keating

I spoke to a man known as the Godfather of GR: Prof. Lenny Susskind, who said the quote above, to get his thoughts on these mind-boggling concepts.

Legendary Lenny reveals the secrets of why he went to WAR with Stephen Hawking! (click here to watch)

Here are 5 key takeaways from our explosive conversation:

1️⃣ The Multiverse and Varying Constants: Lenny dived deep into the mind-bending idea that the constants of nature may vary across different regions of the multiverse while the laws of physics remain constant.

2️⃣ The Search for Life vs. Particle Physics: We explore the question of why there is more interest and funding in the search for life outside of Earth compared to fundamental particle physics. Find out why particles may be small and abstract, but life beyond our planet captivates us.

3️⃣ The Puzzle of Consciousness: Lenny candidly reveals his thoughts on the nature of consciousness and its elusive essence. Discover why he believes advancements in computer science and artificial intelligence may hold the key to unraveling its complexities.

4️⃣ Quantum Mechanics, Black Holes, and Singularities: Our conversation takes a deep dive into the mysteries of quantum mechanics, black holes, the existence of singularities, and the quantum information paradox!

5️⃣ Adventures in Exploration and Personal Reflections: Lenny reflects on his remarkable journey from Plumber to Physicist, sharing personal anecdotes and even opening up about his hobbies and relationship with his wife. Prepare to be inspired by his pursuit of curiosity and unwavering determination.

Fun fact from the episode: Did you know that Lenny Susskind once had a friendly rivalry with the iconic Stephen Hawking? Get ready for their clash of ideas and Lenny’s frustration with Hawking’s stubbornness. It’s a fascinating battle of the minds! 💥

Click here to watch the full interview!

Into the impossible, we go!

Brian Keating


I had the pleasure of sitting with my friend Peter Diamandis to discuss asteroids, multiverses, and how AI will impact the universe. Click here to watch!


“Many people are put off by math because they feel like they don’t understand it and are therefore not good at it. But actually, none of us understand it. And that’s the whole point.” — Eugenia Cheng — Watch the episode here!



In my conversation with Leonard Susskind this week, we discussed a black hole’s event horizon and a singularity’s existence. In light of my discussion, here’s the famous Sagittarius A* image. Source


Dr. Cheng is a renowned mathematician, educator, author, and concert pianist. She’s a scientist in residence at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she teaches mathematics to art students. She is an expert in category theory and has recently published a book, Is Math Real?, which we will discuss in detail today! Watch the full interview here.

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