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Engage your opponent with comity (and some comedy 😀)

Prof. Brian Keating

In my recent episode of the INTO THE IMPOSSIBLE Podcast featuring Michio Kaku, there was much to both admire and question. Kaku, a visionary in theoretical physics, offered intriguing perspectives on string theory and its potential to be the “God Equation” — a theory of everything that could unify all physical laws. Kaku’s intellectual breadth was commendable, covering particle physics, cosmology, and even the metaphysical implications of string theory.

However, the chat was not without its shortcomings. Michio Kaku’s unrivaled praise for string theory bordered on scientific evangelism. While the approach is undeniably elegant, it remains a point of contention within the scientific community, notably for its lack of experimental testability.

I believe Kaku’s perspective could have benefitted from a more critical analysis of string theory’s limitations, especially when contrasted with theoretical frameworks like quantum loop gravity. Furthermore, while the podcast touched upon the skepticism surrounding Nobel Prizes, a deeper exploration into this topic could have provided a more balanced view of scientific progress and validation.

This discourse has elucidated the tendency of debates to devolve into futile contests. A prime tactic is such poorly argued debates is the “Strawman fallacy”, where one misrepresents their opponent’s stance as weaker than it is, the better to knock it down. However, I have discovered an antidote — the Steelman argument. Here, one strengthens the opponent’s case by paraphrasing their point, then better formulating it before finally engaging the augmented argument. This collaborative approach transforms debate into a win-win-win situation. Either your original position is battle-tested, you are proven wrong and learn something new, or you uncover nuances to refine your own argument.

By Steelmanning, we pursue truth together. Rather than attacking hollow straw men, we shore up our mutual comprehension. And in strengthening our opponent’s case, we may inadvertently improve our own. Such ironic wisdom demonstrates how discord need not accompany disagreement when both parties share the goal of understanding.

As Martin Luther King Jr. said, “We may have all come on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now.”

Engaging in open dialogue, even with those we differ with, enhancing and debating conflicting views — -always with comity (and sometimes comedy 😀), propels us closer to understanding the complex tapestry of our universe. One useful technique is called “Steelmanning”. Here’s how and why it works:


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“The universe is a symphony of strings, and the mind of God that Einstein eloquently wrote about for thirty years would be cosmic music resonating through eleven-dimensional hyperspace.” — Michio Kaku


Behold a cosmic masterpiece painted by the universe within the vast canvas of the Eagle Nebula. These aren’t mere gas and dust; they are the very cradles of star birth, they are the Pillars of Creation. 📸: NASA


Patrick Bet-David immigrated to the US from Iran as a child. He served in the U.S. Army and began working in the financial industry, where he founded the successful insurance sales company, PHP Agency. His Valuetainment YouTube channel has nearly 5 million subscribers, and he hosts The PBD podcast. Watch the full interview here.

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